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A function to generate pseudo-occurrences for taxa based on latitudinal ranges (e.g. the output of the 'lat' method in tax_range_space). While the resulting pseudo-occurrences should not be treated as equivalent to actual occurrence data (e.g. like that from the Paleobiology Database), such pseudo-occurrences may be useful for performing statistical analyses where the row representing a taxon must be replicated for each latitudinal bin through which the taxon ranges.


tax_expand_lat(taxdf, bins, max_lat = "max_lat", min_lat = "min_lat")



dataframe. A dataframe of taxa (such as the output of the 'lat' method in tax_range_space) with columns containing latitudinal range data (maximum and minimum latitude). Column names are assumed to be "max_lat" and "min_lat", but may be updated via the max_lat and min_lat arguments. Each row should represent a unique taxon. Additional columns may be included (e.g. taxon names, additional taxonomy, etc) and will be included in the returned data.frame.


dataframe. A dataframe of the bins that you wish to allocate fossil occurrences to, such as that returned by lat_bins. This dataframe must contain at least the following named columns: "bin", "max" and "min".


character. The name of the column you wish to be treated as the maximum latitude of the latitudinal range (e.g. "max_lat").


character. The name of the column you wish to be treated as the minimum latitude of the latitudinal range (e.g. "min_lat").


A dataframe where each row represents a latitudinal bin which a taxon ranges through. The columns are identical to those in the user-supplied data with additional columns included to identify bins. Output will be returned in the order of supplied bins.


Lewis A. Jones & William Gearty


Christopher D. Dean


bins <- lat_bins()
taxdf <- data.frame(name = c("A", "B", "C"),
                    max_lat = c(60, 20, -10),
                    min_lat = c(20, -40, -60))
ex <- tax_expand_lat(taxdf = taxdf,
                     bins = bins,
                     max_lat = "max_lat",
                     min_lat = "min_lat")